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If you’ve been wondering how to get more involved in helping today’s students learn about manufacturing in general and your business in particular, we can save you time and effort by helping you identify opportunities for engagement that align with your business objectives. There are many ways to connect with the education system:

Host Facility Tours:
Invite schools and colleges to tour your facility so students and teachers can learn more about modern manufacturing.

Participate in Career Fairs:
Showcase your business, engage with students, answer their questions, and share your passion for manufacturing.

Visit a Classroom:
Help a teacher by bringing your real-world experience into the classroom and sharing your career pathway with students.

Collaborate on Classroom Projects:
Go a step further and give students a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge by working with an educator to develop projects that align with your industry.

Offer Internship Programs:
Offer mentorship and assess future talent by creating opportunities for students to share their fresh insights and perspectives on a variety of projects.

Establish Apprenticeship Programs:
Give students a chance to learn valuable skills while earning academic credit, providing a direct pathway into the manufacturing workforce.

Sponsor Educational Events:
Support local educational events, workshops, or competitions related to manufacturing. Sponsorship not only highlights your commitment to education but also provides visibility within the academic community.

Engage with STEM Initiatives:
Get involved in community science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives, such as “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” by providing time, talent, or resources to nurture student interest in these fields and shine a light on the dynamic nature of manufacturing.

We all have a role to play in making sure the next generation is aware of the many benefits of a manufacturing career. And the value of getting involved with local schools and colleges extends far beyond the immediate benefits to your company. It’s an investment in the future of your workforce, the growth of our region, and the sustainability of the entire manufacturing sector. MANTEC is here to support you on this journey, so let’s work together to build a brighter future.

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