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Pennsylvania MFG: Bridging Global Manufacturing Through Digital Media

Pennsylvania MFG stands at the forefront of digital media innovation, dedicated to its singular mission: fostering connections between manufacturers and their business service providers worldwide as they converge in the Keystone State. This digital media organization is not just a platform; it’s a bustling network where decision-makers from Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry, and beyond, converge to share, collaborate, and grow.

Who We Are: A Network of Industry Titans
PAMFG is more than just an organization; it’s a comprehensive network of industry-related professionals including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and business service providers. Spanning across Pennsylvania, the region, the nation, and the globe, this network is the pulse of the manufacturing industry, driving discussions, decisions, and developments forward.

Our content, commissioned and inspired by our clientele, transforms Pennsylvania MFG into a dynamic platform. Here, the manufacturing industry finds its voice, showcasing products, services, and insights to a targeted audience. Through our digital magazine and weekly e-newsletter, we offer a suite of editorial services, digital advertising, and event marketing, tailored to amplify our clients’ messages across our expansive network.

Digital Magazine & e-Newsletter: A Live Platform for Industry Dialogue
Pennsylvania MFG’s digital magazine stands as a testament to the power of live, relevant discussion in the manufacturing sector. It is here that manufacturers and business service providers alike take the reins, steering the conversation towards the issues and innovations that matter most. From aerospace and automotive to workforce development and human resources, our digital magazine is a vehicle for bringing products and services to the forefront of the market.


  • Thousands of subscribers and page views per month
  • Multiple page views per session, ensuring sustained engagement
  • Highly visible advertising spaces for maximum impact
  • E-Newsletter: Your Gateway to Industry Insights

Mirroring the dynamic nature of our digital magazine, the Pennsylvania MFG e-newsletter reaches thousands of industry-related professionals, boasting open rates that meet or exceed the national average for media outlets. With a wide distribution that includes all 50 states and international readership in countries like Canada, Germany, and France, our e-newsletter is a potent tool for keeping the manufacturing community connected and informed.

Sponsored Event Marketing: Connecting People, Creating Opportunities
Through our digital magazine and e-newsletter, Pennsylvania MFG offers unparalleled access to a network of manufacturing decision-makers. We specialize in marketing and filling events at some of the Keystone State’s most renowned OEMs, providing our clients with direct access to their target demographic. From locating the perfect venue to filling the seats, we ensure that our sponsored events are not just gatherings, but pivotal opportunities for making connections and closing deals.

In essence, Pennsylvania MFG is more than a media organization; it’s a catalyst for growth and connection in the manufacturing industry. By fostering a network of decision-makers and providing a platform for dialogue and discovery, we help bridge the gap between manufacturers and their service providers, not just in Pennsylvania, but around the world.

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